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Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is an experienced fitness journalist, personal trainer, and teacher. He is the owner of Peak Fitness, a personal training studio located in Tampa, Florida, USA.

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As both a teacher of personal trainers and  the owner of a busy studio, Chris specializes in innovative systems for managing the training of large and diversified client populations.

Chris is a former college soccer player. He discovered his passion for fitness while rehabbing a season-ending ACL injury under the guidance of his college strength coach. After successfully walking back on to his soccer team the following season, Chris earned fitness certifications. His training career began with an internship in his college weight room.

Chris eventually found  his way into the modelling and entertainment industries. He quickly developed a reputation for applying the principles learned in strength and conditioning to a new endeavour: preparing actors, models and beauty pageant competitors for performances and competitions. Chris is the founder of Modelfit, a training system devoted to applying the principles of movement and athletic training to aesthetic improvement. Chris continues to find ways of incorporating sound and structured training into the busy lives of his clients.

A journalist by trade, Chris’s articles have been published in numerous magazines, websites and publications. Read his work at