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At the heart of  the Personal Trainer Development Center are its coaches.

They are leading experts who have “been there, done that”  —  and now offer their wisdom and best practices to others. And it’s all because they share our mission and values.

So you’re probably wondering who they are and how we chose them.

All of our coaches have been hand-selected by Personal Trainer Development Center Founder Jonathan Goodman for two reasons:

1. Passion –  They all have a genuine passion for the helping others lead better lives. Each has a sincere interest in upgrading professional standards in the Personal Training industry.

2.  Knowledge – They all possess in-depth knowledge in a specific skill that personal trainers need to succeed.

Two final notes:

  • Each coach is a regular contributor deeply committed to helping our members. To contact a coach, just click on their bios. Better yet, add a comment to one of their posts.
  • If you’re a coach who likes what you just read and you agree with what we’re doing, we just may have a place for you on our team. Please contact us and let us know what you have to offer.