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I’m a personal trainer, entrepreneur, and passionately explore the endless possibilities in business and personal development.

But let’s talk about why thePTDC website is for you.

Like you, I spent a lot of time training clients constantly striving to provide the best service. But that’s not enough to have a successful training career — learning how to build an efficient and scalable business with multiple income streams is just as important.

Every week I bring together the World’s best to help you:

  • Get More Clients
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…And ultimately have more freedom to live a long and fulfilling life as a trainer (because, after all, it’s the best job in the World).

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Want to know more? This website is the collaborative effort of hundreds of coaches around the World. I don’t know everything. But, since 2011, I’ve been seeking out the best to fill in every gap to ensure your success.

My father passed along to me two rules of success which I’ll now pass along to you:

Rule #1 – Do a great job
Rule #2 – Make sure that everybody knows about it

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