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It’s usually one of the first questions asked of Jon Goodman, Founder and Head Coach of the Personal Trainer Development Centre:

“Do you know of a good workout template?”

So Jon came up with the high-quality templates, offered below for free.

But how can that be? Jon lets us in on the back story, explaining:

It’s a small world. I tried calling in a few favors from friends. And you know what? Turns out, all I had to do was ask. My friends were great. They were incredibly unselfish. They gave me permission to give away for free some of their most valuable stuff: their workout templates.  

What can I say other than: “thanks!” From the bottom of my heart. 

This page is a 100% volunteer effort. It’s fitness professionals sharing with each other…very much in keeping with our mission and values.

If another coach was nice enough to let me make their work available here,  I’ve included a link to their site. Please support them by clicking on their site and saying: “thank you!”  That’s not too much to ask, is it? Note that some of the templates are in Word and others are in Excel. Beyond workout templates,  this page will have resources available in the form of .pdf files that helped me a lot. These are usually books that I take hand outs from to give to clients for homework.


Free Workout Templates

Corrective exercise phase workout template

Strength endurance phase workout template

Hypertrophy phase workout template

Maximal strength phase workout template

Power phase workout template – Note: The preceding 5 templates were provided with permission from Coach Bill Sonnemaker and Catalyst Fitness

3 month plan – A chart that allows to track day by day your clients workouts. This is best used as a hand out that they sign when they complete each week.

Ex-Rx workout card (I’ve personally been using this one for years. go to and click on the link “blank workout card” second from the bottom)

Periodization (planning) chart – This is my personal chart that tracks the stages of periodization for every one of your clients at once. check out my article Personal trainers shouldn’t periodize

Free Personal Trainer Hand Out Material

Self-Myofascial Release, Purpose, Methods and Techniques – This is an e-book put together by Mike Robertson. Beyond a great introduction of the reasons why and methods for self-myofascial release Mike provides the anatomy and protocol for each bodypart. It’s laid out page my page. When prescribing homework for clients, I print off the specific pages I want them to do and staple them together.

Finally, if you have something that you would like to add (a great template or good resource for hand outs) please email me at If I include it, I’ll give you a live link to your site as a thank you.