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Personal Trainer Passive Income

Want to make money while you sleep? Or while you’re not training? Passive income is a novel concept for personal trainers and something I get asked about every day. I’ve resisted the urge to promote countless products and services for a variety of reasons stemming from what I perceived to be poor quality, bad intentions, or bad value.

Below is a list of clothing, fitness equipment, and web services that I promote. All of these are affiliate links meaning that I get passive income if you or anybody buys them through my link. You can do the same. Some you need a website and some you don’t. Promotion commissions range from 10% to 75% depending on the product. What’s important is that you cannot be afraid to sell.

So below are my favorite programs for personal trainers to earn passive income. I’ve split it up into two sections. One for personal trainers without a website and one with additional resources for website owners. If any of the products seem interesting and you decide to buy please use the link provided. I encourage you to sign up for the affiliate programs yourself and start making some passive income.

For All Trainers

Personal trainer passive incomeHylete Clothing

This stuff is the best. You know that shirt that you wear immediately when you’re done laundry. The one that you can’t wait to put on. That’s one of my Hylete T’s. I’ve also got a pair of shorts and it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. Best of all they have a fantastic passive income program for personal trainers called the “Train Team” and are actively recruiting. You get 40% off clothing and a 5-20% referral fee on any purchase. To apply email Jenn Null ( and tell her Jon Goodman sent you. They are also able to do custom branding for your business or gym’s gear to sell to your members.

If you want to pick up some clothes for yourself or clients I also organized a sweet discount. Enter PTDC25 at checkout for 25% off. Click here to see the clothing line.

Personal trainer passive incomeFat Gripz

One of those things I wish I thought of. Fat Gripz are fricken sweet. They build strong muscular forearms but I’ve also found some great uses in training the average client with them as well. For example I had a client with arthritis in her hands. The fat gripz making the bar thicker meant that she was able to grip it. Also, for pressing motions the grip challenge increases neural drive which can pack the shoulder and protect it against rotator cuff issues. They have a popular affiliate program.

I highly suggest you pick up your pair of Fat Gripz. You can even get them personalized with our name. Get yours here.

Personal Trainer passive incomeAthletic Greens

Called by Tim Ferris the #1 greens supplement it didn’t take long for this to become a mainstay. I make sure to have a scoop of greens powder every morning as both an insurance policy and because you can never get too many veggies. Athletic greens tastes good and has a great balance of nutrients. If you’re serious about getting your clients the best results a greens supplement will have them feeling and performing better. They do have an affiliate program but it’s by invite only so you have to email them and ask to join.

Try out Athletic Greens today and see why they’re so popular. Click here to get yours.

Personal Trainer Passive IncomeTrigger Point Performance Therapy

The best self-myofascial release tools around. I have a kit at home and love it. While they are a bit more expensive than your run of the mill foam roller you and your clients will feel the different immediately. I recommend you pick up a set for yourself and recommend all of your clients do the same. They have a good affiliate program too for personal trainers wanting to make passive income.

To buy your own kit or tools for your gym click here.

Personal Trainer Passive IncomeGymboss

I always found a stopwatch annoying to use when I trained. You have a lot to concentrate on during the session, timing breaks should be easy. One thing I love about the Gymboss is the ability to set breaks. So you can program the break length ahead of time and simply press go after the client finishes the set. When the Boss beeps, they go. Gymboss also has an affiliate program so you can make your money back quickly.

To buy a Gymboss interval trainer or more for info on it click here.

For Trainers With a Website (or building one)

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

I’ve used GoDaddy for all of my domain registrations (30+ now). Their system is easy to use and customer service is second-to-none. My sites are hosted elsewhere but I’ve dealt with consulting clients who host using their services. Having called them multiple times I can personally attest to how easy they make it even if you know nothing about the internet. You can do everything using their services from registering your domains to hosting your site and setting up email accounts. They also have an affiliate program if you refer others to it.

To register your domain and get started on dominating the interwebz (or build your company website) click here.

personal trainer passive

While Amazons commissions are lower they are a huge source of passive income for personal trainers or anybody with a website. Anything people buy through Amazon on your link is credited to you. I’ve sent people to Amazon to buy a $15 book and they bought a $1100 laptop on my commission link.

I’ve put all of my favorite books in a custom Amazon store on another page. To see it click here

Grosocial facebook contest passive incomeGroSocial

I use this company to design custom Facebook tabs and contests. The last PTDC contest we ran on Facebook had users “like”, add their email, and share the contest right on the app imbedded in the design element in order to enter. It was fantastic. For the small cost of designing the element we got close to 1,000 new emails leads and Facebook fans. When was the last time your business got 1,000 new qualified leads. I suggest you use them right away and often. To sign up for your account and start leveraging the amazing power of social media click here.

Personal Trainer passive incomeClickBank

This is where internet marketers make the bulk of their money. There’s huge potential for personal trainers to make passive income as commissions are generally 50-75%. Once you set up an account at you can search the marketplace for products to promote. It’s then as simple as placing a custom link on your site and watching the money roll in. Be careful, there’s a lot of crappy products. Your integrity should always be #1.You may also be asked to promote things directly from certain people for a launch. Again, always look over the product first.

Below is a list of my favorite products here which I believe provide exceptional value. I encourage you to check them out if you’re interested in any of the topics they cover.

Eat Stop Eat – By Brad Pilon this is a fantastic guide on intermittent fasting.

Anabolic Cooking – Awesome cookbook for anybody interested in healthy cooking.

An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain – Fantastic guide by Anthony Mychal. This helped me a lot in my training.

Post Rehab Essentials – This is a great video workshop by PTDC coach Dean Somerset that goes over injuries and also developing relationships with other professionals for referrals.

Show and Go Training – By Eric Cressey this is one of the most popular workouts bought by fitness professionals. If you’re looking for a challenging workout and to learn a thing or two this is a great way to do it.

The Super Hero Workouts – By John “Roman” Romaniello these are two fantastic workouts. I refer clients to buy them if they’re just looking for a workout and have checked both out myself. If you’re looking for a great workout for yourself to put on muscle or burn fat these two are awesome. The two are Superhero Workout and Superhero Fat Loss.

Beautiful Badass – This workout created by GirlsGoneStrong co-founder Nia Shanks is a fantastic training system for real women who want to lift weights to feel and look great.

Personal trainer passive

The absolute best site on the net to get high quality webinars dirt cheap from the best presenters around. I really can’t say enough about this site. Get on there and pick your topic (hint hint Jon Goodman’s talk on Facebook Marketing is awesome) and you can immediately download a top-notch recording of the presentation and a transcription of the talk. It’s perfect if you have an hour and want to get some studying done. They also have an affiliate program so you can make passive income by referring other personal trainers to it.

To start browsing the site click here.

Passive income personal trainerShopify

Shopify is the easiest way to set up a store on your site. It integrates seamlessly with any major payment method and will have you selling your merch or even training sessions in no time. There are tons of free templates that are simple to set up and some nice paid options as well. Shopify also has an affiliate program meaning that you can get your hosting paid for simply by referring others to the site.

If you need to set up a store on your site Shopify is the way to go. There’s a free trial period to try it out. Click here to get started.

personal trainer passive incomeAweber Email Marketing

Aweber has been a God send. If you do any business on the internet or have plans to start a blog setting up your email list is the most important thing you can do. My Aweber has 6 autoresponse emails that go out without me touching them and I send emails to 4 different lists with 10,000+ names. There’s no way I would be able to organize it all with such a good email service. Also, their call support is second to none. They have an affiliate program which allows you to get recurring passive income every month as well.

If you are looking for email management it’s the best for the job. To set up your $1 account click here.

Personal Trainer Passive IncomePopUp Domination

I love this plugin for wordpress. It allows you to make a customizable popup with ease. While I don’t argue that popups can be a tad annoying the fact remains that your email opt-ins will increase exponentially. As I said earlier, your list is everything. I highly recommend this for anybody who is starting or currently runs a website.

If you’re interested in checking out PopUp Domination click here.


These are all of my favorites programs for personal trainers to make passive income. I’ve used or read them all and they have my seal of approval. If you have a product you think is great please email me at Also if you own/represent a company and think your product would work well on this list feel free to drop me a line. Please note that I’m very selective and absolutely have to try the product personally before I promote it.