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personal trainer fat loss toronto proudly presents The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar

Hey there,

I’m Jonathan Goodman — 2x author and creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC).

Let’s be honest, as much as quality of life, functional training, balance, or even injury prevention sounds like a nice goal, most of your clients really just want one thing: fat loss.

personal trainer fat loss toronto seminarWe’re in the fitness industry. Translation–we’re in the make you look good so you feel good and have more confidence industry. Out of every 10 clients, 9 want fat loss and one might claim that he or she wants to improve a golf shot. Even then, that one client would be ecstatic if they lost fat and would probably forget that they originally wanted to get better at golf.

Clients will often come to you claiming that they want to lose 10lbs or participate in a 5km charity run. While it’s entirely possible that these are actually their goals, my guess is that, when you break it down, fat loss is their goal. The aforementioned goals are stepping stones that your client mistakenly perceives is the best way to burn his or her stubborn fat and look/feel better.

I Don’t Need to Convince You Because…

…If you’re like me, then you already know that helping your clients lose fat quickly, efficiently, and safely is your first priority.

But good fat loss information is hard to come by.

fat loss seminar for personal trainers torontoI know what you’re thinking…

“A simple Google search for “fat loss” yields 120,000,000 hits Jon, who are you to say that information is hard to come by?”

There’s information everywhere teaching you the latest and greatest tricks in getting rid of that stubborn muffin top or finally getting a ripped six pack.

I don’t mean that kind of fat loss.

Your clients are real people with real lives, real stresses, real hormonal imbalances, and a multitude of real confounding factors. Miracle fat loss cures like green coffee, Yohimbe, or mega-dosing with fat burners chalked full of caffeine like Cadavar Lean 7X often do more harm than good.

Real Fat Loss Strategies for Real People

If you’re like me, you have probably bought workout and fitness information for yourself. I love to learn and invest a lot of time and money into my education and I’m sure you do to. Over time, I found that the only materials readily available on the subject were concerning the latest and greatest craze or trick.

Learning new tricks is nice for us trainers, but it’s usually not important for a client. Our clients are rarely, if ever, exactly similar to us in training experience, goals, commitment, and home time habits.

More than likely, the bulk of your clients fit into one of the following categories:

  • Men or Women wanting to look his or her best for an event like a wedding or vacation.
  • Post-menopausal Women.
  • College or young professional male or female wanting to look his or her best for the opposite sex (if ya get my drift).
  • Pre or post natal Women
  • Heavily obese clientele (BMI of 40+)
  • Older age Men and Women looking to avoid disease and maintain quality of life
  • Stressed out professionals who get minimal sleep and have young families

Want to know something funny?

Over the course of a single day, I used to train at least one client from each of the above category!

Every one of them has different limitations, stresses, hormonal imbalances, and motivations. Even within each group there are nuances.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar was put together with all these client types in mind. I’ve brought in top experts from California, North Carolina, Vermont, New York, Ottawa, Connecticut, Florida, and Toronto with one goal in mind…

… To only have people speak to you about a subject that they are truly an expert in. I scoured North America, paid a lot of money, and called in some favors to get this lineup of presenters in the same room for the first time ever. Never before has such a complete seminar on fat loss been put together for personal trainers.

After attending this seminar you will know the limitations, psychological barriers, and logistical barriers that are hindering your clients progress. Armed with the knowledge you will gain from the weekend, you’ll be able to provide them with both nutritional and programming strategies.

In addition, I’ve made sure to bring in medical experts to give you proven sure-fire strategies for creating referral systems to bring in more clients.

The Details

The seminar takes place June 1 and 2nd in Toronto, Canada. Attendees are welcome to attend one day or both. Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided. We’ve also been known to have lots of giveaways in the past (hint hint). There’s a small fridge and microwave and you’re welcome to bring your own food. If you prefer, the area has all sorts of great food within walking distance.

Hours and Dress Code: Both June 1 and 2 will be 8:30am – 5pm with an hour break for lunch. There is an optional group workout as well so bring workout clothing if you like. Otherwise, we’re trainers so wear something comfortable.

CEC’s: No formal CEC’s are provided but you will be given a signed certificate of completion with the date and hours attended. Almost every certifying body will allow you to use this to petition and claim CEC’s. This is the 3rd seminar we’ve run and nobody has ever had an issue claiming CEC’s from previous events. If you’re still not sure, please call your certifying body.

Hotel information: The only hotel within walking distance is the Best Western Roehampton. There are cheaper options for accommodation downtown Toronto and as long as you are on the subway line, you’re less than 30 minutes away. Please note that the subway opens at 9am on Sundays so you would need to take a taxi that day. Email me at if you have any issues. If you stay at a different hotel, I’ll make sure you know how to get to the venue.

Location: Body days will take place at Body + Soul Fitness located centrally in Toronto. The address is 378 Eglinton Ave W. (Click for Google map)

personal trainer fat loss seminar torontoMiscellaneous: These seminars are tons of fun and a fantastic opportunity to network. We’ll arrange optional group dinner Friday and Saturday night. Details will be emailed to you for Friday and I’ll tell you details in person Saturday for that evening. This isn’t like other conferences where the presenters go off by themselves at night. We’re all friends here.

Note: The venue is small and this seminar will sell out fast. A 100% refund will be given before April 15th, 50% by May 1st and no refunds will be provided after that date. Special circumstances will be considered on a personal basis (we’re not jerks–we’ve just need to cover out butts).


I’m going to make myself available to hang out for all of Friday before the seminar. We’ll cruise around Toronto, eat some good food, see some sights, and get to know each other. This will be a great time to network with other fitness pros and ask me or anybody else any questions personally. It will be a great opportunity for me to finally meet all of the people I’ve been messaging on email, Facebook, or Twitter.

I don’t do consultations anymore, but when I did I charged $500/hr. We’ll be hanging out the whole day. Those signed up for the conference are free to hang out and ask me anything about training, business, life, the Universe and everything else (=42). If you can’t make the conference but want to join us, the cost will be $100 for the day. (Note: There might be some additional costs incurred during the day for your personal food / entertainment.)

Please make sure to indicate whether you want to attend when reserving your spot for the seminar so I can track numbers. If you’re just attending this mastermind event and not the seminar, reserve the same way and select the appropriate option.

The Speakers

Krista Scott Dixon fat loss


Day 1

8:30am – 5pm (talks about 3hrs each in length with an hour break for lunch and optional workout.)

Why A+ is a Bad Grade when it comes to Healthy Living and How to Help Your Clients Get a Good Solid B. – Dr. Yoni Freedman

The difference in effort required to go from a B+ to an A+, even for a brilliant student, is usually exponential, and yet when it comes to healthy living (and especially weight management) the world seems to think A+s are the only acceptable grades and for most A+ living is anything but sustainable.  By the end of our session I hope to provide you with a thorough grounding in how to help your clients regularly become B and B+ students with straightforward, easy to follow instructions as well as highlight the basic skills required to swim against the relentless current which in our modern day society tends to lead people to unwanted weight gains. I’ll also review with you a team based approach to weight management and healthy living and explore ways to cultivate that relationship with your local resources.

Strength Training for Fat Loss – Nick Tumminello

Here, Nick will go over the 3C’s of strength training for fat loss. This talk will teach you what you really need to know to build the best quality fat loss programs for your clients.

Day 2

8:30am – 5pm (talks about 1hrs each in length with an hour break for lunch.)

Fat Loss Secrets to Get Your Clients Looking Their Best for an Event – Chad Landers

The Secrets to Female Fat Loss (understanding hormones, the menstrual cycle, and cellulite) – Jill Coleman

The Psychological Barriers to Obesity – Mark Young

Nick’s Top 10 Abdominal Exercises – Nick Tumminello

How to Get Medical Doctors on Your Team to Help Fat Loss and Encourage Referrals – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

“I Know, I Know”: How To Help Your Clients Actually Do What They Know They Should – Dr. Krista Scott Dixon

Reserve Your Spot Now–Early Bird Pricing Still in Effect

Upon signing up you will receive confirmation within 24hrs. Please indicate in the message box whether or not you will be attending the pre pre conference day with Jon so we can track numbers.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar (early bird) – Pick an Option

See What previous PTDC Seminar Attendees Have to Say

Even Captain American decided to make an appearance after he came back from the tanning salon…

Reserve Your Spot Now–Early Bird Pricing Still in Effect

Upon signing up you will receive confirmation within 24hrs. Please indicate in the message box whether or not you will be attending the pre pre conference day with Jon so we can track numbers.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar (early bird) – Pick an Option

Can’t wait to see you there,



P.S. The venue is small and the event will fill up fast. Reserve your spot to make sure you don’t miss out.
P.P.S. This isn’t your run of the mill fat loss seminar. Here, we’ll be going over precisely what you need to know to get all of your different types of clients to burn fat and feel great–the result? More adherence, retention, and referrals for you.
personal trainer fat loss seminar toronto