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The Personal Trainer Development Center is free. And it always will be. There are also no ads. And there never will be. We respect your privacy. We don’t rent, share or sell your name. And we never will.

All of which makes us really nice guys. But it leaves an important question unanswered. How do we keep the lights on and the servers running in the towers of the Personal Trainer Development Center World Headquarters (PTDC-WHQ)?  There’s only one way: commissions we receive when you buy a product from the site. But we never include products we haven’t tested ourselves and believe in 100%.

If you decide to buy a book, DVD, training course or other product mentioned on the site,  please purchase it through the link we provide.  If you buy the product elsewhere, we won’t  get the commission.  

With that said, since December 1 2009 the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has required bloggers to disclose any hidden interests or biases.  To preserve your reading experience, we don’t want to disclose in every article we write.  Just assume that for every link any or all of the following holds true.exercise-website-disclosure-1exercise-website-disclosure-2exercise-website-disclosure-3

Feel free to copy this disclosure page as we copied it from Tim Ferris with permission.

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)

Jon Goodman