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Best Fitness Articles — February 28, 2016

by Dani and Kristen

From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC publishes a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

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The Top Article of the Week


She hates the gym. He’s coping with MS. She’s struggling with exhaustion and depression so consuming that getting dressed is sometimes an accomplishment.

What do you with the clients who are “difficult”, the ones who aren’t already health-minded, the ones who aren’t pursuing grand physique goals? This week, Krista Scott-Dixon has five immediately actionable approaches for helping you not only get results for these clients but for becoming a genuinely better coach by doing so.

General Health

5 Ways Trainers Need to Improve — Nick Tumminello, T-Nation

Understanding Mobility — Dean Somerset

The 2-Day IT Band Cure — Andrew Read,

3 Reasons We Don’t Offer Free Consultations — Pete Dupuis

Armor Your Back Against Age and Injury — Andrew Read, Breaking Muscle

Strength Training

Trainer Critique Live 2: The Deadlift — Melissa Edmonds with Tony Gentilcore and Jordan Syatt

4 Ways Hypermobile Clients Can Improve Their Training — Laura Canteri,

Deadlifting Tip: Stop Force Feeding the Barbell Deadlift — John Rusin

How to Develop Rotational Power — Kennet Waale, Bach Performance

Tip: Do Crunches, But Follow This Rule — Joseph Brigley, T-Nation


The 3 Steps I Teach Trainers and Health Coaches to Help Fix Any Diet Problem — John Berardi

How Many Calories Should You Consume in a Deload? — Steve Hall

The Yolk’s on You: 2 Eggs Myths You Need to Bust for Better Health — Cassandra Forsythe, Girls Gone Strong

Low-Carb/Ketogenic Diets and Exercise Performance — Rudy Mawer, Authority Nutrition


Can We Predict Muscle Growth? — Greg Nuckols

What You Don’t Know About Training Delts — Adam Bentley, T-Nation

Then vs. Now: Learning Lessons from a Bikini Competitor — Stephanie Dorworth,

In Defense of Exercise Machines — Eric and Ryan Johnson, Roman Fitness Systems

Everything We Know About Muscle Building is Wrong with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld — Brad Dieter & Brad Schoenfeld, Eat to Perform

Fat Loss

Should You Do a “Rapid Fat Loss” Protocol? — Jason Helmes

Do You Deserve It: The Ugly Truth About Getting the Body You Want — Andrew Ferreira, Show Me Strength

Dieter’s Guide to the Weekend (Part 1) — Jonny Watson, Propane Fitness

This is Why You Get Fat Eating Healthy — Mike Samuels

Tip: Be Inefficient to Lose Fat — Dan John, T-Nation

About the Author
Dani and Kristen

Kristen Perillo is a personal trainer and fitness blogger. After spending years teaching high school, she now runs health & wellness programs for local physicians. She blogs at Following Fit and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dani Singer is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist based in Baltimore, Maryland. As the owner and Fitness Director of Fit2Go Personal Training, his focus is on enhancing clients’ quality of life through in-home personalized fitness programs. Keep up with Dani and his team on Facebook and at for tips on bettering your life through fitness.