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Best Fitness Articles – April 26, 2015

by Dani and Kristen

From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC publishes a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

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The Top Article of the Week


We like to go to extremes in the fitness industry. New research, or a new trend, comes along, and we tend to go all in. Sometimes face first.

Absolutes, however, tend to keep us from seeing the forest for the trees. Speaking in absolutes, such as “No one should do this exercise,” or “All clients should be on this diet,” or “No one should ever jog,” prevents us from seeing the full range of possibilities for our clients and can narrow our abilities to really serve those clients as best we can.

This week Tony Gentilcore takes on one of our hallowed absolutes — spinal flexion. His take on if and when there is a time and place for spinal flexion reinforces what should be at the core of personal training: our ability to resist the urge to make our clients fit our training and to instead focus on creating training that fits our clients.


Strength Training

5 Strength Training Considerations for Runners — Tony Bonvechio

7 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises — Nia Shanks

Exercises You Should Be Doing: KB Goble Squat With Lowering — Tony Gentilcore

Eight Considerations for Weight Room Training — Rob Panariello,

Lifter’s Shoulder: The Cause & The Cure — Dr. John Rusin, T-Nation


General Health

Pain-Free Healthy Shoulder Training Superset — Dr. John Rusin

How to Design Better Warm Ups For Small Group Training Programs — Tony Bonvechio,

The Biggest Lie in The Fitness Industry — Josh Hillis

Troubleshooting Anterior Hip Pain — Dean Somerset

One, Weird Trick — Jason Helmes


Fat Loss

How I Gave Up My Tupperware — Jen Comas, GGS

5 of the World’s Healthiest Foods (That Are Making You Fat!) — Jordan Syatt

5 Common Diet Excuses Too Many People Make — JC Deen

Metabolic Weight Loss: The 5 Laws Of Metabolism — Jade Teta

Why Just “Eating Healthy” Won’t Help You Lose Fat — Jorden Pagel



Squats and Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Waist Blocky — Bret Contreras

High Reps For Muscle Mass Revisited — Christian Finn

Four Hardgainer Cardio Solutions — Eric Bach



Ancient Origins of Modern Dietary Demons — Clay Jones, Science-Based Medicine

Sports Nutrition Tip: What You Need to Know About Fat — Brian St. Pierre,

Mood Food: How to fight depression naturally with nutrition — Camille DePutter, Precison Nutrition

Why Your Diet Can Make You Bloated (Even With Good Nutrition) — Kalli Youngstrom, Breaking Muscle

Sugar Alcohols: Good or Bad? — Joe Leech


About the Author
Dani and Kristen

Kristen Perillo is a personal trainer and fitness blogger. After spending years teaching high school, she now runs health & wellness programs for local physicians. She blogs at Following Fit and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dani Singer is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist based in Baltimore, Maryland. As the owner and Fitness Director of Fit2Go Personal Training, his focus is on enhancing clients’ quality of life through in-home personalized fitness programs. Keep up with Dani and his team on Facebook and at for tips on bettering your life through fitness.