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Top Fitness Articles of the Week — January 12, 2014

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

The Best fitness articles written for the week ending Jan 11, 2014 as chosen by the Personal Trainer Development Center.

best fitness articles
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From Jon: Each Sunday thePTDC will publishing a list of the top articles from around the web in 5 different categories: bodybuilding, general health, fat loss, strength training, and nutrition.

We scan the net, but if you’d like to submit your article for consideration, please send it to

Our Choice for the Article of the Week

If there is one thing the fitness industry doesn’t lack it is conflicting information. Some coaches believe this while others believe that.  Information crosses and leaves trainers scratching their heads lost in space. Not only does this leave our trainers dazed and confused but this can be passed down to their clients, which is “no bueno”.  Nick challenges us to take a step back and critically analyze our position on 5 different training concepts. Do any of your beliefs conflict with each other?


5 Strategies for Choosing Exercises– Brad Schoenfeld

What’s the Best Single Leg Exercise?– Bret Contreras

53 Tips to Build Herculean Strength- The Community Has Spoken Part 1– Eric Bach

How To Train Hardcore With Light Weights– Sean Hyson

Bodybuilding for Teens-Igor Klibanov

General Health

13 Sincere Letters: Dear Me: A Letter to My Unfit Self– Ines Subashka and Colleagues

Phoenix Theory– Chris Shugart

Why You Should Level Up and How to Crush 2014– Steve Kamb

Spinal Flexion is Important for Low Back Health and Strength– Dean Somerset

Women’s Difficulty with Pull-ups is About More Than Biology– Caitlin, Fit & Feminist

Fat Loss

The Top 10 Drugs That Trainers Must Know About– Spencer Nadolsky

A Lion in Iron: Fallacies in Female Diet Mindsets (Part 1)– Alexander Cortes

Strength Training

The Best Kept Secret: Why People Have to Squat Differently– Ryan DeBell

15 Things You’re Probably Not Doing Enough Of– Chet Morjaria

The Problem With Strength and Conditioning– Chad Wesley Smith

“3-Way” Ring Chin-Ups– Ben Bruno


You Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet, But Exercise Sure Does Help– Doug Dupont

The 7 Basic Tips To Begin Your Balanced Life!– Jennifer Cordovez


Personal Training

How Much Should You Charge for Personal Training?– Brett Jarman



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Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the creator and head coach of the PTDC and has a distaste for third person bios ... Hey, I'm Jon and I'd have to say that this site is pretty awesome. Thanks for being here. If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). My team and I have also created the first Academy and certification for online trainers. Click here to check out the Online Trainer Academy.