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The Biggest Threat Facing the Personal Training Industry

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

SUPPLEMENTS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND–scratch that, they’ve already gotten out of hand. Supplements are the biggest threat to the integrity of the personal training industry and it’s up to you to be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem. From Prograde to Biotrust, Body by Vi to Herbalife, Shakeology to Isogenix [...]

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SUPPLEMENTS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND–scratch that, they’ve already gotten out of hand.

Supplements are the biggest threat to the integrity of the personal training industry and it’s up to you to be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem.

From Prograde to Biotrust, Body by Vi to Herbalife, Shakeology to Isogenix and a host of other commission, recurring commission, and multi-tier programs, supplements are big business.

Increasingly, personal trainers are turning to these programs to make accessory income. Drawn in with the promise of making money while they sleep and BMW’s, it’s hard to resist.

Gamification techniques keep them interested by allowing the retailers to “level up” and reach “diamond status” (or whatever it’s called in the different programs).

The high commissions (many of them recurring) are attractive—so attractive that it can blind the trainer from the usefulness, effectiveness, and value of the product that they are basing their reputation on.

I’ve no issue with trainers recommending supplements to clients and getting a commission if that trainer has done his or her due diligence.

Unfortunately, I think it’s rare for a trainer to do the requisite research before promoting supplements promising extraordinary results. And thus, the trainer has become part of the problem.

“As a trainer, you must be a part of the solution.” – Click to Tweet

Here’s the truth.

Often times it’s the most expensive supplements that offer the most attractive commission programs—this is not a coincidence. As a result, the consumer ends up with a grossly overpriced product just because the trainer—the trainer that they trusted–chose to opt for the product with the bigger commission.

What to Do

If you’re recommending something that your client is going to spend a lot of money on and put in his or her body, you must know what’s in it, any counterindications, and how effective it actually is.

The supplement industry isn’t just about mass gainers, protein, and creatine anymore. There are all of the other types of “miracle” pills, powders, and potions that pop up. From green coffee beans to raspberry ketones, who knows what works anymore and what doesn’t? What I do know is that listening to Dr. Oz is certainly not the answer.

So what is?

Nutrition is too important a component of personal training to ignore. If you sell or promote supplements, it’s your responsibility to do proper research—this means that the research is non-biased. Googling information or reading the material provided by the supplement company doesn’t count.

Until now, the only way to get non-biased information was by reading the studies or reviews of the studies themselves.

Reading research is time-consuming and reading the abstract isn’t enough; the specifics of the study must be considered to decide whether the results are valid or not.

If you’re like me and don’t enjoy reading research studies for hours at night, don’t have the time, or lack the mental capacity for it, you were stuck with other peoples assessments.

Well now there is a solution and one that I’m very excited about.

This solution is the culmination of two and a half years of work, an analyzation of 20,000+ research studies, and a brilliant mind for organization. (It’s incredible how easy they made this to use. I was blown away when I saw it.)

The solution is an encyclopedia for supplements that was just released today.

When I was first sent this guide, my first thought was, “holy shit, somebody actually pulled this off”.

But I wasn’t the only one. Many of the industries elite not normally known for providing testimonials have chimed in:

jose antonio supplementDr. Jose Antonio PhD (creator of the International Society of Sports Nutrition) said, “It’s a great source of information on the science of dietary supplements. Plenty of real science, no bro-science. It’s the real deal.”

tom venuto supplementBest selling author Tom Venuto said, “never again will you need to worry about knowing whether the claims of the billion dollar supplement industry are true or false.

“The Encyclopedia on Supplements”

Not selling any supplements or representing any supplement company, took on a massive task: to sift through all the available research and critically categorize and evaluate over 300 supplements.

And they’ve done it.

Not only have they provided a reference guide for the supplements themselves, but they’ve also identified 180+ health goals and listed the supplements in order of effectiveness based off of research for that goal. These goals include: cognition, appetite, fertility, free testosterone and anything else anybody would ever have as a goal.

To organize the results, they’ve developed a ranking system for easy reference, comments, and provided all research considered if you want more information.

The entire guide and unlimited updates (I’ll explain that in a minute) is discounted to a one-time payment of $27 this week only. <== Don’t click the banner yet. Please keep reading.

personal trainer supplement

I mentioned above the banner that there are unlimited updates. Allow me to explain.

The reference guide is a downloadable .pdf because every day at 5am EST it is automatically updated with the latest from Purchasing the book is like a lifetime membership for the most up to date non-biased research on supplements.

Think of how much easier this will make your business, how much more effective it will make your training, and the value you’ll be able to provide your clients.

Does anybody–your clients or somebody else–ever come up to you and say, “have you heard of “X” supplement? I saw it on TV, what’s your opinion?”

Instead of responding that you don’t know or giving a half-hearted answer, with this guide you will be able, within 30 seconds, open it up and find out if the research supports the potion, pill, or powder being pondered.

Finally, I should note that this guide is not meant to be read in one sitting. It’s almost 800 pages long. It’s a reference guide and might just become the most important piece of reference material you’ll ever own–And I’m comfortable making this grandiose statement.

Don’t be a part of the problem, be part of the solution. This guide is a must-have. If you never buy anything else through this site make sure to pick up this guide. It’s the best $27 you’ll event spend.

Imagine never wasting money on useless supplements again.

Click here to get immediate access today

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