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101 Reasons to Exercise [Infographic]

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

[Infographic] 101 Different reasons to exercise. Includes a free poster to download.

reasons to exercise
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Now there really isn’t an excuse. Even short bursts of exercise, if done consistently, have all 101 benefits below.

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Lastly, if you’re a gym owner and want some wall decoration, we had this image made into print ready format and it’s free to download. All you have to do is get it printed and it’ll be a great high resolution image to add some meaningful decoration to your studio.

Download the print ready via either of the two links below:

–> With crop marks.

–> Without crop marks.

101 Reasons to Exercise

(click on the image to view it full size and magnify a section by clicking on it again.)


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Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the creator and head coach of the PTDC and has a distaste for third person bios ... Hey, I'm Jon and I'd have to say that this site is pretty awesome. Thanks for being here. If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). My team and I have also created the first Academy and certification for online trainers. Click here to check out the Online Trainer Academy.