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Flexible Periodization Webinar with Karsten Jensen

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole… PTDC coach Karsten Jensen presents a webinar on periodization for the everyday client.

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The video below is a live webinar run by PTDC coach Karsten Jensen

In this presentation, Karsten gives a full description of his flexible periodization system. After spending decades in Norway training Olympic and World Class athletes as the Danish strength and conditioning coach, Karsten has taken high performance periodization principles and made them accessible to the general public.

In the video below and accompanying links, Jonathan demonstrates creative new exercises that give you the best of both worlds (stability and mobility) to ensure that yours and your clients abs look great and function.


To access the webinar and download the handout, please be sure you are logged in and are a member of the Inner Circle program. If you are currently logged in, you will see the video below. If not, please log in below and then scroll down to the “webinar archives” section to find this post. If you are not a member, learn more and subscribe to Inner Circle program.

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Karsten also asked that I share this link with you:


About the Author
Jonathan Goodman

As the creator and head coach of thePTDC, I'd have to say that this thing is pretty awesome. If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). Feel free to come hang out on my Facebook page where I explore the perfect balance between fitness, business, and living an awesome and fulfilling life.