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How to Use Klout to Get More Clients

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

The Klout Client Getting System for Personal Trainers. This will help you identify influencers to get more personal training clients.

Share This is website that judges influence. It taps into your social networks and uses an algorithm to judge the amount and quality of relationships you have with people online. From there, it assigns you a score. The algorithim isn’t all that good and I actually dislike the website for a number of reasons. But it does have one huge benefit that can help you get more clients.

It’s the quickest way to figure out who in your social circle is worth to contact about referrals. It will save you a lot of time and help you concentrate your efforts on getting more personal training clients. With that, I present…

The Klout Client Getting System for Personal Trainers

Step 1: Create an account on if you don’t already have one. You will have to allow it access to your social networks. Once you do, it will assign you a score and tell you which of the things you have done on social media were influential. It will also tell you about all of the fantastic perks you get with your score (they are all crap, don’t bother).

By clicking on your profile tab on the top right you will see your main influencers. These probably won’t be a surprise as they will be mostly bloggers, magazine editors, or people you have already identified as having big networks.

Step 2: Click on the top right drop down menu where you see your name and hit “friends”.

Step 3: On this page hit the far right tab that says “top Klout score”.

Step 4: Take note of anybody who has a score above 60. They are considered influencers and are connected to a lot of people through various social networks.

Some of these people might surprise you (they surprised me). Often it’s hard to identify which of your friends are well-connected. Some people don’t ever use social media while others are junkies. You want the ones who are junkies because they are the ones who might be able to get you more personal training clients.

how to get more personal training clients

Sometimes even past enemies can help you get more clients

Step 5: Email or call each of the people from this list and tell them that you’re actively seeking out new clients. Tell them that you give a commission for referrals. If they want, send them some of your business cards with a specific code (just write a number in the corner and track who the number belongs to on an excel spreadsheet) that they can hand out to friends and family.

You can also give them a unique discount code (for example “JimFree”). When a client contacts you and mentions the discount code JimFree for a free session valued at $100, you know that it was Jim who sent the referral. This can all be tracked using software but doesn’t need to be. For individual trainers it can be dome simply with a spreadsheet.

Step 6 (optional): Offer your new-found influencers a complimentary session or a tour of your gym. Also, give them an opportunity to ask you whatever questions they may have and be sure they know what type of client you specialize in.

Random Thoughts about using Klout to get more Personal Training Clients

The easiest way to get new clients is to make as many people as possible aware that you’re a trainer. If you can get to the top of their mind then when they are ready to hire a trainer you will be the first person they contact.

You are welcome to play around with whatever commission system you want, or not even give out a commission. Klout is a good tool because in a matter of seconds it will tell you which people within your social network to concentrate on.

 I also wrote an entire Ebook on using Facebook to get more personal training clients. Put your email in the box below to download it straight to your computer. (for free)


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