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137 Reasons to Write for Fitness for Personal Trainers

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

145 personal trainers give their reasons why they want to write for fitness. These are amazing! thePTDC personal trainers are the best in the World.

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Wow! Last week I put out a call to aspiring fitness writers. I asked you to send me 75 words of why you wanted to be a fitness writer. The response blew me away. ThePTDC readers (you) are the best trainers in the world. Below are 137 personal reasons you want to be a fitness writer. Many of you want financial freedom, others autonomy, and many just want a chance to help a larger audience.

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Jonathan Goodman (Creator / Head Coach of thePTDC)

P.s. I was so impressed by the responses below that I wrote specially to Sean, Lou, and Roman and asked them for a free copy to giveaway. Congratulations to Leslie Humphrey. Please send me an email and I’ll connect you with the guys to send you the book.

P.p.s. While it’s entirely your choice whether to buy the eBook or not please note that thePTDC exists solely off of the commissions garnered from sales like this one. If you like the content and want to keep the site free from ads I ask that you please purchase the eBook through the links we provide. Of course if you don’t decide to purchase it that’s perfectly fine and if the commissions make you feel awkward feel free to link to the site directly.

P.p.p.s. Although this post will be read by many influential fitness editors you can do your part and share it. The more people it gets out to the better chance it can act as a personal calling card for you. So share via your social networks or even by emailing it to a friend or co-worker if you know somebody who wants to be a fitness writer.

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How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

write for firness Jeromie“Altruism. Giving your all for the benefit of another individual gives me feelings of joy; feelings as if I will leave this planet having made a strong impression on the lives of others. My passion is movement, so it only makes sense to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. By sharing what I love, my approach will be questioned, and I will forever grow and refine the services and information I provide.” – Jeromie Preas

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Nia ShanksIt’s about reaching and helping as many people as possible. My main priority is to help individuals, especially those who’ve struggled unsuccessfully, to achieve their health, physique, and performance goals via simple, no nonsense training and nutrition methods. Simplicity breeds success. I’ve gained knowledge and experience through battling OCD eating habits and training to exhaustion on a frequent basis (but not getting the results I wanted) and working with clients who’ve faced the same struggles. – Nia Shanks

Writing for fitness personal trainer TarekConsidering myself new to the fitness industry, I believe that seizing every chance I get will be the key to my future success as a fitness writer and personal trainer. Since my last email to you, I have purchased the book “On writing well” and already finished my first article. My goal is simple Jon, to help people live a healthier lifestyle and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. – Tarek Roumie

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Mike Corona“It’s been about two years since I became a blogger. I started writing about fitness to gain an audience for my training business. However, after a few- do this and not that blog posts my whole focus shifted. Many people need a motivational boost and an inspiration. It is my whole objective to help people do more than they believe they can, while learning about fitness, through my writing. I do it for them.” – Mike Corona

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer ReeceI write because there are still too many people who have absolutely no idea what a decent meal is. No idea about carbs and proteins, bang for buck exercises and time efficiency in the gym. I write to help these people. My writing aim is to help people make better choices and to improve their quality of life, through exercise and diet. – Reece Mander

Writing for fitness personal trainer WillI want to inspire people to be awesome. Not just how to drop a bit of body fat and gain a bit of muscle. No, I want to spark something within others to change their lives – quit their shitty jobs, their piss-poor eating habits and the notion that they’ll forever be stuck inside a weak, atrophied body – then take a step forward and change the world. It’s my time to pay it forward. – Will Davis

Writing for fitness personal trainer Troy PWorking in a cubicle doesn’t mean you must be out of shape. Cube dwellers can be fit. I’m living proof. As I take on adventures outside the cube my peers constantly give excuses why they can’t. I want to write for fitness to help eliminate excuses, help people find ways to build fitness into their lives. So they can take on their own adventures. Remember there is life outside the box. – Troy Pesola

Want to write for fitness personal trainerOne tiny rep at a time, one bite at a time, one ridiculously small choice at a time, I faced the Lady in the Mirror and I won! And now, I can’t help but take others along with me. So we learn, we sweat, and we laugh, and all along I motivate them to pursue what matters in life. We read, we practice, we change accordingly. And we are winning, one mirror at a time. – Barbara Croce

Personal trainer fitness writing CharlieMy passion for fitness writing started a decade ago when I realized that something was missing: much of the fitness industry disseminates information on programming for athletes, fitness models and those whose job is to train for several hours a week. This doesn’t work in the real world where people have careers, kids, and/or limited time to workout. My quest through fitness writing is to reverse-engineer what gets results for people in the real world. – Charlie Reid

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JamesMy passion for health, wellness and fitness is overflowing! I am a 44 year old, back to school father and husband. I will have my B.S. in Wellness and Fitness in the spring 2013. I will be starting up a fitness training business this year and love writing! It would be nice to create income from writing, but, mostly get my name out into the fitness universe. – James De Lara

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Write for fitness personal trainer KarlMoney and success motivate me but so does knowing that my words are helping someone out there improve their lives and that’s why I write. I write newsletters and blogs for my clients but feel I have something to offer a larger, information hungry audience. I love training clients but if the opportunity arose to have a few less 5:15am starts in the London rain I wouldn’t say no. – Karl Williams

Write for fitness personal trainer JonathanWhen I was 18, I experienced athletic rejection. At this time, I opened my eyes to fitness knowing I wanted to help make change. The ability to lead is a wonderful feeling. I am now fulfilling that dream. Continuing to share my wealth and knowledge with the world is always rewarding. Many fitness professionals have drive but many lack passion and to achieve success you must possess passion! – Jonathan Penney

Writing for fitness personal trainer Stephen I wrote in Pat Rigsby’s Fitness Riches that writing and speaking are imperative to influencing positive change, and I’d always loved getting feedback from trainers thanking me for helping them and their clients. When I became a dad, though, I cut back on writing and speaking. Sure, I’ve been in Shape, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and was even named “One of America’s Greatest Trainers” by Men’s Fitness, but that was years ago. It’s comeback time! – Stephen Holt

Want to write for fitness personal trainer CallieWriting for fitness has honestly always been a dream for me. That sounds cheesy as hell but it’s true. I grew up wanting to be a sports reporter. Now I’m a personal trainer with my own business and I want to leverage my time and help more women get a bad ass body like I did. This is a perfect blend of my two passions; writing and training. Growing up as an athletic nerd, what could be better? – Callie Durbrow

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer NurdinMy a-ha moment wasn’t an actual moment, but crept up on me slow and steady. It happened last year as I underwent three operation in three months. My leg became a withered stick and my chest a scarred mess. Becoming the healthiest, strongest, aesthetically pleasing version of myself became my new purpose. Health and fitness became a passion, one I wish to turn into a career. I could use some help making it a reality. – Nurdin Pattipilohy

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Mike T NelsonI love writing for fitness since it allows me to share my passion to help others reach their goals.  I can live for a whole week form one positive comment on how I impacted someone’s’ life.  I was put on this earth for this purpose and I’ve invested hours into certifications, seminars, books, 18+ years of college education, along with literal blood, sweat and tears. I can’t imagine doing anything else this rewarding. – Mike T. Nelson

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer MegenI am extremely passionate about fitness. I am currently studying to become an advanced certified personal trainer through National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). It’s not about the money for me; instead, I truly enjoy inspiring people to feel better about themselves and help them live a longer, healthier, and happier life. I believe if you love your job the money will follow. For now, I am focusing on making a positive change in people’s lives. – Megen Petit

Personal trainer fitness writing andreaWhen I was forty pounds heavier I lost more than my love for buying clothes, I lost my inner Andrea. I write for women who found the pounds kept creeping on until they woke up one day and decided to make a change, but don’t know where to start. I write for women who are ready to find their inner selves again.” – Andrea Mansfield

Personal trainer fitness writing“Eat Big, Lift Big.” I followed this advice for 2 years – nothing came of it but fat and frustration. The philosophy was preached as Gospel, so I accepted it. Finally, I blazed my own trail to a better physique and higher strength, by ignoring my fitness heroes. There is no one-size-fits-all fitness plan. We’re all different, and dogma must die. I will help readers and clients find their own individual magical weight-loss recipe. – Daniel Wallen

Personal trainer fitness writing DanI’ve held jobs as a professional writer on the side while being a fitness coach. I wake up before sunrise every day and write. I’ve been a fitness writer for five years. One day, I opened my inbox. It was from a lady who lost 70 pounds from following my articles online and taking action on the advice. I got swarmed by goosebumps. I knew then there is power in words. So I write. – Dan Grant

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer Matt KI want to be a fitness writer for more freedom in my schedule and to reach as many people as possible. I work with Patrick Striet and he inspired me to do bigger things and only settle to be the best. I got into the business from PT in order to help others. I have a good and unique training background and as a writer, I will be able to reach and help more people. – Matt Kasee

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Writing for fitness personal trainer ZakCurrently a broke college student on financial aid, I have never been able to afford a quality personal trainer. But free online articles combined with perseverance have enabled me to immerse myself in the fitness world. Training clients is extremely important, but the scale of lives affected is small. My life’s calling is to help others, and writing allows me to share my passion with as many people as I possibly can. – Zak Columber

Personal trainer fitness writing DevWriting creates meaningful, inspiring connections with people. It empowers the dissemination of information to a knowledge-hungry audience, filling a need. It has the ability to fundamentally transform both the writer and the reader; it allows both to learn, to teach, and to be a part of something greater than themselves. It will enable a new business, like mine, to deliver incredible service to more people. Simply put, it changes lives. And that’s what I do. – Dev Chengkalath

Writing for fitness personal trainer WarrenI’ve always been an active guy (not hardcore, but active!). After 2 decades behind a desk, I finally had my “A-HA!” while learning to surf. I really HATE a desk and I really LOVE fitness that is FUN! And I love showing people that fitness should be FUN. Every day since, I’ve aimed to give friends, family and clients a sense of fun fitness! I would appreciate an opportunity share that feeling with more people! – Warren

Personal trainer fitness writingI spent over five years of my life reading BS in fitness forums and magazines. You know this kind of pathetic advice: “You shouldn’t eat carbs after 7pm”. I’m tired of that. I suffered a lot trying to get rid of my excess fat reading this nonsense and obsessing over things that don´t matter. Now I know better. I want to share my knowledge with everyone. I just want to help people in this journey. – Ares Santiago Nogueda

Want to write for fitness personal trainer GarrekI’m recently graduated with a communications degree. I’ve competed DI Track and Field all 4 years of college, and now I compete Crossfit and gymnastics; fitness is my life. I have aspirations to be an actor/director, and a fitness coach/model. I’ve learned to communicate to the masses. I sculpt my body daily with workouts and proper nutrition. Writing and sharing my love and knowledge of all things fitness is only the beginning of my career. – Garrek Thompson

Josh Hamilton fitness writer personal trainerThe accepted stance would be “I just want to help people”. That’s fine; but i’m thinking bigger. Putting my views and experiences into print for the world to see represents a new level of progression. A chance to establish a brand, reputation, voice and flavor. I intend to put a face on the next generation of professionals. A platform to develop passionate followers, as well as zealous critics – critics that fuel my fire. – Josh Hamilton

Personal trainer fitness writing ErinI want to write for fitness because I believe it’s one of the best ways to reach a large number of people and I know that I have knowledge and experiences that can help those people! At 36 years old I am in the best shape of my life, feeling truly amazing and I want to share that with the world. I yearn for others to know that it is possible! I want to inspire! – Erin Melito

Want to write for fitness personal trainer AngeloI have wanted to write for fitness since I was a sophomore in college. I have been an athlete my entire life and make my living as a personal trainer/strength coach. I have turned down job opportunities with the FDNY, NYPD, and NY STATE troopers because I knew deep down in my heart this is what I’m suppose to do. Helping others feel the benefits and life lessons fitness has taught me is what makes me want to share these thoughts through writing! – Anthony Tomeo

write for firness JeremyPicture this…. It is a frigid, snowy night driving in rural Minnesota. You see a boy shooting baskets. Who would do that and why? The boy was me and the reasons were extremely powerful! Although, not as compelling as my current desire to write in fitness. The list of reasons to want to write could go on forever but in summation they are destiny, desire, influence, passion, and purpose. I will not let you down! – Jeremy Belter

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer PeterLike many others, I was an overweight kid turned fat adult. Reading Men’s Health turned it around for me. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be the words on the page, reaching out to others like myself. If I can get them stronger and leaner maybe I can also build their passion, their fight, and ability to persevere. I believe in what you do. I want to join the cause. – Peter Curcio

Personal trainer fitness writing JayI’ve been writing professionally for years, but never about anything that I actually cared about. I became a personal trainer because I’m a “fitness success story” and I wanted to help people achieve their goals too. Combing my writing skills and my knowledge of exercise and nutrition would let me reach far more people than training alone. Bottom line: I want to believe in the work I do and make a difference in people’s lives. – Jay Snider

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer MattI have known my whole life I want to be a writer, and fitness has become my biggest passion. Two years working in this industry as a trainer have shown how amazing it feels to help someone change their life, and now I want to help as many people as possible. My goal is to make enough income from writing that someday I have enough income to focus purely on writing, both books and articles. – Matt Dustin

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer NatthaI am a Bangkok expat, career scientist, anorexia nervosa survivor, female ironpumper, amateur ethnic food chef, Torontonian first generation immigrant. My blog helps insanely busy and budget-tight generation Y readers live healthy lifestyles taking into account all lifestyle factors. A first generation immigrant myself, I also address emotional, cultural and body image issues in fitness and nutrition. – Nattha Maithai

Personal trainer fitness writing Eric MFirst and foremost I would like to become a fitness writer because fitness and nutrition is my passion. My twin brother and I run an online training and nutrition consulting business and we absolutely love helping others achieve their goals. I have been writing for the last two years and I love writing what’s on my mind and my perspective on particular topics. Being a twin I feel we could bring some “Dynamic” writing overall. – Eric Martinez

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer LauraI want to be great at what I do and I want people to know about it.That’s why I’m a fitness writer. The money is secondary. I want to touch more people’s lives; and writing is the way to do it. If you know me, you know I have kind of a ‘girl power’ attitude. In a field dominated by men, I want to hang at the top with the boys. – Laura DeVincent

write for firness jeremeyI started keeping a blog in 2010. What started as a whim has transformed into a deep-rooted passion that keeps me up late and rising early. With personal training, I can affect one person. With writing, I can inspire thousands of people to take control of their health. A career of writing for fitness will allow me more freedom over my schedule while still accomplishing my ultimate goal – impacting lives everyday. – Jeremey DuVall

Personal trainer fitness writing Chris MI would like to become a fitness writer because fitness and nutrition is my life. It’s what makes me happy. My twin brother and I run an online training and nutrition consulting business and we love changing people’s lives. I have been writing for the last two years and would love to continue to have my writing spread across the world. With my twin and I’s writing, we could really help and change lives. – Chris Martinez

Write for fitness personal trainer JimmyI have always wanted to be a published fitness writer because I think I can help a great amount of people. Also, I think it would be cool to see my name in lights or in print. There is nothing like getting paid to do something you love at your own pace. Lastly, it would give me more credibility in our area in Greensboro, NC. – Jimmy Lamour

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer LeviTo help people we must first help ourselves. This is why I write (and read). With writing, I can better understand myself and the depth of my own knowledge. I can see, right in front of me, what I do know and what I don’t (i.e., what I need to learn). I can then use this “discovery process” to better others. This is what it’s about. Everything else (money and independence) is just extra. – Levi Clampitt

Personal trainer fitness writing  DainSociety has been inundated with misleading and contradicting fitness information. Things are too complicated, inaccurate, and some information is downright dangerous. Writing for fitness isn’t about me; it’s about Average Joe. I want to help restore integrity, simplicity and enjoyability to the industry I love. People should want to be active and healthy and I am determined to spread this gospel! Give me the venue to educate and inspire! Let’s do this! – Dain Wallis

Personal trainer fitness writing ChadAuditioning at 170 makes all the difference in the world!!! Knocked another one out. Stoked!!!” After 20 years as a trainer in Los Angeles, I receive messages like this almost daily. It’s one of the many reasons I love my job. More the anything, fitness is about empowerment. And while I love being in the trenches mentoring clients and other trainers, I know fitness writing is the only way for me to impact more lives. – Chad Landers

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer ToshaSince December 2010, I have written articles that inform, entertain and provoke thought on my Facebook business page. The feedback I receive affirms that there is a hunger for fitness information. I hope to impact more people by educating them that through small changes they can have big success, create my fitness brand awareness and credibility, and also help me accomplish my big goal of opening a fitness and life transformation retreat. – Tosha Bailey

Write for fitness personal trainer  JustinI developed the passion to write when I started my own e-mail newsletter. I then began to write for a local fitness magazine soon after and loved it! I realized I could reach more people at once with my message. I want to get my own personal experiences out there and share my knowledge as a trainer. I feel that people can connect with my passion for the industry and learn from my experiences. – Justin Grinnell

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer LaurenI am a 47 year old PTA, CPT-NSCA, and physique athlete aiming to educate people and encourage them to help themselves live fit, healthy lifestyles. As a cancer survivor, I realize it’s important to make the most of today. Many people tell me I inspire and motivate them and I have a burning desire to share my passion by researching, writing and sharing (while making moula) in an effective, creative, humorous, and 100% legal manner. – Laura Carter

Personal trainer fitness writing FionaI’m Fiona Compston with 10 years experience in the fitness industry. I also did a 20-year stint as a radio journalist in Australia. To be a fitness writer is not about fame or fortune…. It’s about reaching people outside the gym floor, in ways that no amount of personal training could ever achieve. I want to ignite the reader’s passion for a healthier lifestyle and still train my wonderful clients. – Fiona Compston

Personal trainer fitness writing ChrisIf there is one thing I’m passionate about, it’s education: not just for my clients, but for trainers as well. My inspirational writing moment came in response to two articles: one about personal training as a career, and the other calling kettlebells “overrated.” These articles got me heated because they showed how out of touch the public is with respect to fitness. There’s a lot of garbage out there. That’s what I want to change. – Chris Cooper

Personal trainer fitness writing JasonAs I ran on the treadmill of the fifth floor homeless shelter I was working in, one of the residents who stayed there limped towards me, “teach me?” he said. A week later there were 2 and numbers continued to rise. It wasn’t just about helping to inspire and motivate people. It became a way to help them heal; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That’s why I do it. That’s why I want to write. – Jason Cameron

Personal trainer fitness writing DylanWhy should I write in fitness? The answer is simple. I want to share: share what makes my heart pound; share what keeps me up reading with reckless abandon; share what equals in importance to me as the memories of loved ones; share what wakes me too early after an excessive night spent reading; share what lights a fire in my belly so deep, that there is a risk of combustion. That is why. – Dylan Curtis-Reeve

Want to write for fitness personal trainerI want to write in the fitness industry to reach trainees worldwide. I became a trainer because early in my own life I was struck with chronic illness for 7 years. I began to think I had no hope to recover from this illness, or achieve a healthy body until I started weight training. With training, I overcame my own physical weakness, and with my writing, I plan to help others do the same. – Brad Kelly

Personal trainer fitness writing Chris HI’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum when it comes to being a motivator and educator in the realm of fitness. I believe in science. I believe in experience. But most of all I believe that anyone can win with the right attitude and mindset. With perspective and humility, all of these tools have made me the trainer I am today. – Christopher Huffman

The moment I knew I needed to write, to spread the word, to start a movement…. I was in my lecture theatre and hearing the lecturer espouse the benefits of cereals, aerobic exercise and ‘a calorie is a calorie’. While my colleagues around me vigorously nod, I can only shake my head in disbelief. Something needs to be done. The future of our industry is in their hands. The message must get out. – Patrick Campbell

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer MarianAs a babyboomer woman who adores sports and fitness, and as a writer, I’m eager to connect with readers through fitness writing. Women of my generation were not raised to have an “athletic” view of ourselves. In spite of this I DO anyway! I come to another birthday now in a place where I am comfortable, capable, and strong in living fitness and sharing it in my writing. – Marian Douglas-Ungaro

Want to write for fitness personal trainer IgorI write a fitness newsletter, and nothing gives me more pleasure than when people have “a-ha” moments. Something they thought was correct that isn’t so. People have told me that I have an aptitude for making the complex simple. I’d like to do more of that by writing for the fitness industry. Also, as a young entrepreneur, I’m looking to grow my business, and writing would be a great way to do that. – Igor Klibanov

Personal trainer fitness writing JackieWriting for baby boomers, by a baby boomer brings a reality to fitness for many people. I read bio’s of trainers that make them sound like they are running for class president. Aging is real and articles on the subject are best written by someone who is experiencing not only the physical, but mental & spiritual effects as well. Finding humor in aging is important also and I incorporate that in to my training sessions. – Jackie Valentino

Personal trainer writing alan selbyRecently I have had the desire to write for three reasons. To bring in an educated point of view to the discussions going on in the fitness industry, to gain respect from my peers, and to market myself to the Hockey S&C community. I want to join the PTDC to have you join me on my road to becoming an NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach while sharing knowledge and industry insight along the way. – Alan Selby

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Mary EllenWhen you have a passion for something you naturally what to share it. Fitness has evolved into a passion for me. I’m sure my interest in fitness writing stems from moments of dabbling in poetry when I was younger! I want readers to see my words, feel the passion, be influenced in a positive way by how I write and what I write. I want my writing to encourage people. – Mary Ellen Coffey

Write for fitness personal trainer Jonathan PAfter spending two years as a Trainer, I became an English teacher but with osteoarthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and kidney failure in my family I now pride myself on knowing more about fitness and nutrition than the trainers at my gym. The more I read, the more I realise how delusional the mass media is. I want to help others wade through the murk of broscience and reach their full potential. – Jonathan Percel

Write for fitness personal trainer morganFor nearly five years I have shared my love for health and fitness with clients that came to me looking for the “solution.” One year ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Endometriosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Training clients face to face has become nearly impossible; however, I can still give others the tools to succeed from the keystrokes on my laptop and perhaps help even more than I would training one session at a time. – Morgan Anderson

Write for fitness personal trainer KaseyI want to maximize my potential as a personal trainer and make an impact far beyond that of my own clientele. For me, it came down to this realization…Why help a few when you can help millions? Being a well-published fitness writer will help immensely in building my business in the ultra-competitive Los Angeles market. I want to be the number-one trainer in LA and that doesn’t come without some credibility behind your name. – Kasey Esser

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer MartinI want to write because I want to change lives. I transformed from a flabby, embarrassed kid to a confident athlete, but my new body was just the start. I quit my old job and pursued my dream career. As a personal trainer, I find the greatest joy in unleashing my clients’ potential and helping them live the dream, too. Through writing, I can share my passion and inspire others far and wide – Martin Voslar

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Brandon WaltLev Tolstoy wrote of a character in ‘Anna Karenina’ who avoided carbs to control his weight. I read avidly. I always wanted to write, but never had material with which to work. Architecture was how I would change the world. Fifteen years later, I realized corporate headquarters were not the right change. When I left architecture for a fitness career, I found a way to change lives, and the most compelling reason to write. – Brandon M Walt

Personal trainer fitness writing ClintRecently lots of clients were asking similar questions – Ah-Ha moment ensues. By starting a blog I could answer with stacks of detail, offering consistent/permanent answers for each reader. If writing could become another income stream that would be amazing, allowing me to dedicate more time to it and making the most of the opportunity to build credibility in the industry. Encouraging positive change to a larger audience would be an incredible privilege. – Clint Hartley

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

write for firness Jeremy LeonardWhy do I want to write for fitness? I’ve dealt with weight issues for most of my life. I struggled with many different methods of loosing weight until I became a passionate rock climber. While climbing I also started enjoying my training because I had a goal and purpose. I’ve lost 40 pounds and while I still am working towards my weight loss goals I would love to help others find their motivation for fitness. – Jeremy Leonard

Write for fitness personal trainer kennethAs a fat kid turned fitness buff, I get absolutely pumped helping people transform their lives through Exercise and Nutrition! Three years ago I ditched my cushy corporate gig and have worked tirelessly to become the best personal trainer possible. Vacations are great, celebrity would be nice, but the opportunity to help tons of people doing what I love is reward enough. That said, I wouldn’t hate being published in Men’s Health as well. – Kenneth Campos

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Martin RittenberryDuring my fitness career I’ve exceeded expectations and revenue goals, but feel empty and want to help more people. After offering to take on more responsibility to help newer trainers, I was shot down and told to back off, I feel like a square peg working in a round hole. Through personal reading and reflection I have come to appreciate the power of the written word. I’m ready to spread my word. – Martin Rittenberry

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Eric DowlingWhile reading various fitness blogs I found myself empathizing with many of the writers. Then it hit me–I could do this! Network marketing had dangled the passive income carrot in front of my face, but I couldn’t find a product I believed in. Since that time I have discovered a product I trust: myself. Writing will allow me to combine my passion for helping people with my fascination of fitness while living unlimited. – Eric Dowling

Writing for fitness personal trainer TroyMy wife Brooke and my 21mth old son Archie are my life. Unfortunately Brooke contracted Gillian Barre Syndrome 2yrs ago and cannot work. My second passion is strength, conditioning and fitness and gaining passive income through writing about it has been something I have been looking for 3 – 4yrs now. I am not a natural writer but I am a natural educator and would love an opportunity to further this some more. – Troy Lange

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer LeslieI’m a Black woman from the Caribbean and living in Asia and most of the fitness articles written do not really speak to many of the expat women in this demographic. I know I can write about it because I have lived and continue to live this reality. It’s hard out here and I want these women to live healthier and fuller lifestyles in places where it can be lonely and demotivating. – Leslie Humphrey

Want to write for fitness personal trainer BobI want to promote and temper the pursuit of physical fitness, reminding people that their body is their most valuable asset and plainly telling them that diet and exercise can be bad religion. I want to motivate, clarify, and simplify the joy and privilege of fitness for people who want more out of life than their training, their diet, and their appearance. The capable, energetic person of rock solid character is what others are attracted to. And it’s what we’ve been after all along. – Bob Gorinski

Personal trainer fitness writing DanavirThree months ago, I started writing articles for fitness magazines in order to get myself recognized. Since then, I’ve been featured in Elitefts and STACK. My dream is to be the top strength coach for combat athletes. I work 4-8 hours everyday to make this happen, and all while being in college. I won’t ever back down from reaching my dream. I’m ready. Bring it. – Danavir Sarria

Personal trainer fitness writing AlyonaI want to write for fitness because it’s my passion. So is writing. No matter English isn’t even my mother language.
Some people say cancer or concentration camp was the best thing happened to them. I start work out after having anorexia and eventually beat this sh*t out of me. It became my inner fire.
I read. I investigate. I want to help. I write because I simply can’t not to write. – Alyona

Personal trainer fitness writing JamesI found out that Nate Green wrote full-time (whilst still making a living), got real jealous, and decided that I wanted the same. I want to be able to write from my 100ft yacht (floating in the French Riviera) by day, and then gamble my earnings away in Monte Carlo casino by night. I also want bragging rights; I can’t forget those! – James Garland

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Personal trainer fitness writing AnthonyI love controlling the flavor and meaning of every sentence and helping people worldwide achieve their fitness goals. I love planning the perfect paragraph and seeing my article on major fitness websites like thePTDC – it’s an intoxicating sensation. But I also dream of watching daybreak atop mountain ranges in Malaysia or walking aimlessly through the cacophony of central Buenos Aires. I hope to blend these passions through fitness writing and live a full, exciting life. – Anthony Yeung

Write for fitness personal trainer Kiyan Hey, I’m Kyler. I’ve been a health & wellness aficionado since I left momma’s womb. As a biochemist and part-time trainer, I’m driven to explore how we can use medical research to become blissful centenarians. After curing an array of my own presumably incurable conditions, I have taken a scalpel to investigating health optimization. I commonly explore the synergy between exercise and nutrition to improve our lives eternally and would love to share my journey. – Kiyan Rajabi

Personal trainer fitness writing GarethFor the past decade I’ve travelled all round Europe gaining more qualifications than I’m ever going to need, to be be the best trainer I can be. I’ve spent all my time in the trenches training myself and 35-40 clients a week.I’ve made more mistakes than I care to remember, but its taught me what works and what doesn’t. I feel writing will be a way for me to reach and help more people. – Gareth Keeping

Write for fitness personal trainer KedricI never considered writing. Being a kid with absolutely horrible handwriting I ruled writing out. That changed when I stumbled into the fitness world and reading excited my ambition to create. Writing allows me to create words from my random musing, words that can reach out to others. Reaching out is the goal and writing for fitness allows me to both the things I love. It’s like being batman and wolverine simultaneously; that awesome. – Kedric Kwan

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer RobertWriting and training are my life, I try to let that permeate into the style of my writing, and indeed, it feeds my passion for prose and the printed word. I write a blog on health and fitness for my clients, this is the path I want to move into, as it feeds my desire to be a bitter curmudgeon locked in his utilitarian hovel, researching, and disseminating knowledge to the eager trainers of tomorrow. – Robert Bezant

Want to write for fitness personal trainer MikeWriting about fitness may not save lives or solve world hunger, but it is important. If I can ignite passion and spark readers’ enthusiasm to change their lives for the better by increasing their motivation, setting them up to get fitter and healthier and helping them sort out fitness fact from fallacy, I’ll be happy. Plus, being able to work out of coffee shops is pretty sweet. – Mike Samuels

Personal trainer fitness writing DavidMy passion in fitness intensifies as I started training and learning over the years. Through writing, I’m able to share my knowledge/experience with others. The most exciting part is when you see the transformation in the lives of others. This keeps me going with intensity, hoping to help more individuals achieving their goals and living to their fullest! I would like to be acknowledged as this will help me in my future training career. – David Liaw

Write for fitness personal trainer Jordan SyattBy the time I was 18 writing for fitness was never a question of “if,” rather it was only a matter of “when.” Writing was my way out. No way in hell was I going to be a desk jockey, working under someone else from 9-5, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Friday afternoon only to hate myself again by Monday morning. Hell no. That’s not me. For me, writing is freedom. – Jordan Syatt

Personal trainer fitness writing AndrewI am on a mission to live a great life on my terms. Writing is one of the most profound tools we have, and fitness – emancipating the body from weakness and poor health – is another. I want to write about fitness to free my mind, free my body, and to help others do the same. It is a tool that can help me in my mission – both financially, and philosophically. – Andrew Miles

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Dan TrongI want to be a fitness writer because I practice what I preach daily. I read up on information pertaining to movement, nutrition, motivation, spirituality, and finance. These are all part of what constitutes being a well versed and fit individual. The best thing I can do is relay information into a useable form for people interested in taking there health to the next level while making education fun and interesting. – Dan Trongone

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer RyanThe difference in fat and fit isn’t much, is it? Just one vowel. In just a few years, I’ve gone from fatty to fitty. Understanding the battle to change that one letter is vital: my experience as a fatty helps my coaching and my ability to connect to those going through the same struggle. Now, I want to help others achieve the same transformation in an on-going dialogue of interaction, content and tweets. – Ryan Monceaux

Want to write for fitness personal trainer TimFrom a kid reciting how the heart works to the now passionate personal trainer, fitness is in my blood. I strive to be a writer because my words are capable of reaching an audience that my presence could never achieve. I bleed for my words to create physiques that inspire even the apathetic. My undying obsession needs to be shared with the world. – Tim Berzins

Writing for fitness personal trainer TerriWhy do I want to write about fitness? I don’t think there is any greater satisfaction than helping someone else to help themselves. The written word is powerful! It can motivate and educate. It can reach further and instruct more than any other tool I have as a personal trainer and coach. It can cause my reader not only to hear, but to feel and see. – Terri Pouliot

Write for fitness personal trainer JohnWriting helps me help others – I use my own stories through life and fitness, my ups and downs (there’s been loads of them) to portray that success in any avenue be it fitness, learning to ballroom dance (great fun) comes down to being open to new ideas and getting out there and striving constantly to become a better version of ourselves. – John Mulry

Write for fitness personal trainer kentI want to write about fitness to let people see not only what they can change about their body, but also what they can change about their entire life. I was fat, sad, shy, and unmotivated, but I found knowledge and motivation in the writings of some very talented trainers. Now, I want to be one of those trainers who helps people to find more within themselves than just a hard bod’. – Kent Mccann

Personal trainer fitness writing Dan FThat summer, I played football but most importantly I found a passion for fitness. Nowadays, I’m a high school PE teacher/strength coach. I’m blessed, I get to be an influencer of positive change. I love writing because it let’s me do the same on a larger scale. I can help people train smarter and eat better by making it simple. – Dan Fuenz

Personal trainer fitness writing EricSelf deprecation has always felt more natural, until recently. Attending the Perform Better Summit was inspiring, I found myself helping other attendees with material and, in some cases, thinking I could have truthfully presented the same quality lecture. I’ve ignored the praise I’ve received from others for years, but it’s time to step up and listen to what my client said while I was at the summit: “Eric, those guys aren’t any better than you”. – Eric Addis

Personal trainer fitness writing GreigI want to go to every performance and rehab seminar I can! Fitness writing would give me some passive income to help with costs, the opportunity to share some knowledge bombs, and the challenge of owning the concepts so I can share them in understandable ways. You’ve inspired me to begin writing no matter what, but I would love to jumpstart it on your page. – Greig Taylor

Personal trainer fitness writing DanielleI don’t have a lengthy resume garnished with awards and writing gigs. I’m a part-time personal trainer, part-time hospital dietary clerk, marathon-running, bad ass chick with long, suppressed trails of thought that need an outlet. I want this gig as a way to spread my passion, get my ideas out there, and eat away some free time (me, me, me). – Danielle Beck

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer MakiWriting enables me to further my passion for fitness. It creates the opportunity to leave my mark in this world, share my experiences, and show my transparency as a trainer, and human being. It allows me to convey my thoughts and inspire people to train harder, coach better and value the importance of physical fitness. – Maki Riddington

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JacobMy journey began six years ago. Overweight and not having set foot in a gym in over three years, being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes was my wake-up call. I started training, lost 30 kg’s, gained muscle and (some) knowledge. But most importantly, my diabetes gradually disappeared. It also changed my whole perspective on life. They reason I’m doing this is to reach out and help people that are struggling like I did.” – Jacob Winqvist

Becoming a fitness writer personal trainer Matt aMy name is Matthew Abel, and I’m 18 years old. I’m one of the top trainers at my gym, and I’ve worked extremely hard to get there. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been an excellent writer. All throughout school, my test scores in English/LA has been in the top 98% of the nation. I’ve written several articles on my website. – Matt Abel


Want to write for fitness personal trainer Steve BergeronI began my journey as a fitness writer shortly after gaining confidence with my skills as a personal trainer. Initially, it was a great way to share information with my clients and let them into my personal life. After a while it became a way for me to both collect and share my thoughts from the endless hours of reading and research in the field. My knowledge is valuable; writing is how I share it. – Stephen Bergeron

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Karen DiI have been passionate about fitness for most of my life. As my body grew stronger, my quest for knowledge escalated. I realized I knew how to sculpt specific muscles but my thirst to understand the mechanics behind it hadn’t even begun to be satisfied. I spent endless hours consuming information and doing self-experimentation. I want share my experiences and help others to live my passion. – Karen DiDomenico

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Jonathan BI watched my mom struggle with her weight and identity my entire life. Recently, helping her and others make positive changes has solidified my conviction that health coaching is what I was made to do. I thrive on individual interaction, but also want to invest in writing to influence an audience otherwise beyond my reach. I’m ready to hang up my firefighting helmet, grab my coaching hat and computer, and get in the trenches. – Jonathan Booth

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Anthony“Failure is not an option, it’s a step”. This quote is something I live by everyday especially in regards to fitness. In the past year and a half I have completely transformed my mind and body. I surround myself with positive and motivational quotes on a daily basis. This has led me to discovering a new passion for writing and helping to spread knowledge of fitness to everyone I come into contact with. – Anthony Caputo

Write for fitness personal trainer KirstinI have used fitness as a way to revolutionize my life, and it is time to pay it forward. It is not about training athletes and celebrities; it is about inspiring healthy choices in people who really want to make that change. Writing is a way to spread my passion for fitness and educate individuals in how to lead healthier lives. – Kirstin Damude

Want to write for fitness personal trainer OliverEver since I can remember I’ve been inspired by legends like Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Legends who have two things in common: incredible physical presence and the ability to communicate, captivate and entertain. Fitness has changed my life and I want to share that potential with other people. I want to have a voice, to inspire and to make a dent in the Universe. – Oliver Hermon-Taylor

Want to write for fitness personal trainer MichaelI write to create something new, something that I can show my friends and family and say, “This is an extension of me.” A lot of people can’t say that. I get to produce something of value for the world, and that’s pretty cool. Yeah, that’s cheesy. But I like to think that this little thing I have going can impact your corner of the world in a bright new way. – Michael Thompson

Want to write for fitness personal trainer YvetteFitness nerd confession: I love to geek out on articles at T-Nation and Elite FTS. And, I’m a girl. However, their articles are written for the dudes. Duh, one of the taglines IS testosterone! Where is the site that talks about girls lifting heavy and does it with some attitude? I want to be THAT girl. I show a barbell some love 5 days a week. I want the chance to spread the love. – Yvette Coddington

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Rick MartinsCurrently getting certified in nutrition, I am an NASM CPT who is striving to become a well-known and respected fitness enthusiast/guru. I guarantee everyone reading my articles will get a clear understanding on how health and fitness is evolving today and educate them on what really works. As I am extremely passionate and ambitious towards pursuing a career that has endless limits, being recognized for my professionalism and skills would be an honor. – Rick Martins

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Mike PI’m starting a new chapter in my life, and I intend to write it. A CrossFit trainer and philosopher, I combine a sharp intellect, a wholistic worldview, and a teacher’s nature, with a passion for lifting heavy shit. I believe fitness is the most potent medicine to strengthen us in all dimensions, from the physical foundation upwards through heart, mind, and spirit. It changed my life – transformed me, empowered me – and I love sharing it. – Mike Peiman

Want to write for fitness personal trainer jeremy smithSince finishing university over a year ago I have had an interest in writing. My admiration for published writers has especially grown since I started my career as a personal trainer. I hope to reach a wider audience, while raising standards in the fitness industry through writing. Anyone can write, but not everyone should be heard. The passive income will help me master my craft, while some will be spent in a luxurious manner. – Jeremy Smith

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Dave BakerI’m ¾ of the person I used to be – only physically of course. Outside I am a slimmer shadow of my former self. Inside I’m growing at a rate faster than my belly ever did. My ¾ shell is now cracking as this influx of growth attempts to claw its way out and satisfy the universe’s law of give and take. I want to expand my reach through writing to receive more in life. – Dave Baker

Want to write for fitness personal trainer veronicaI want to bring my positivity and excitement to the masses! My passion for fitness propels me out of bed each day, ready to reinvent the way people look at physical activity. I love showing clients that fitness doesn’t mean the boring machine circuit at the gym…it can be exciting, entertaining, and FUN! Inspiring people to reach their goals and helping them achieve success is more than just my career, it’s my way of life. – Veronica Dilzer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JamieLast winter I learned I had three hernias. I opted to have the surgery. I was told after surgery I would be unable to work out for six months! I was devastated because I knew working out is what kept me healthy and I ended up gaining thirty pounds. I am currently training to run a 5K. I believe that most people reading about fitness have the same issues and insecurities. – Jamie Wiegand

Write for fitness personal trainerI want to write for fitness because of the opportunity to empower others. I know what it’s like to feel powerless to make a change. I was once a skinny kid and lifting weights and changing my body literally had an impact on every area of my life. Now I seek to share my knowledge with as many people as possible, to inspire them to change their lives for the better. That is my reward. – Paul Hynes

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JasHave you ever seen a “trainer” prescribe exercises that just make you shake your head? How about seeing people spend thousands of dollars just to get a bullshit program that isn’t worth the paper that it’s printed on? Now take these two situations and replace trainer with “modern fitness writer” and dollars with “time”. I want to make a difference, I want to write not for the money but, to truly deliver evidence informed knowledge. – Jas Randhawa

Want to write for fitness personal trainer RebeccaThere is a season and time for everything under the sun. I WILL write a book. I’ve had this passion as a child. My burning desire is to be a positive impact to many. I would be honored to influence a larger audience. I tread lightly ensuring my family is first. Whether now is the time or not, I continue to ride the waves regardless if I get tossed or catch the big one. – Rebecca Spain

Want to write for fitness personal trainer kyleI decided I wanted to write for fitness almost two year ago. As I began blogging, I began to learn. I learned a ton on how to research and be be critical of some the claims that are often made. I also learnt to be a clearer writer and teacher. I am passionate about spreading great information to people who have been fed loosely based information that has now become ‘factual’ by the masses. – Kyle Grieve

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer WhitneyAs a successful trainer and business owner, I have changed hundreds of bodies on my gym floor, now it is time to transform thousands of minds with my words. As someone who has had to struggle to achieve success with my own fitness, I want to inspire others to take control of their health and happiness as I have done. I can’t think of a better way to continue to teach, motivate and inspire. – Whitney Garrah

Want to write for fitness personal trainer AlexanderIve always written for pleasure, but my call to write came recently, when one of the trainers on my staff told me, “I always feel embarrassed to tell people Im a trainer, I always feel like they dont think its a real job”. I told her “Have pride! You are right, they do think that, but that will change in time”. Well I want to write so I can change that, because now’s the time! – Alexander Cortes

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JiniMany of us have a similar story: told I was skinny, fragile and pathetic; I set out to prove the world (really my father), wrong. Like many, what started out as a personal journey, my story, became the basis of my mission. I have devoted my life to teaching the science and the art of human movement. Through writing, I can share what I’ve really learned: you can be strong-and it will change everything. – Jini Cicero

Want to write for fitness personal trainer AnneI have a confession to make. There is something that I love about myself: my sense of humor. It’s gotten me through many a difficult situation. Now, I use it when enjoying two passions – fitness and writing. Great articles can be written about fitness if one has a talent for writing, a well-earned knowledge of the fitness field and whose aim is to inform the reader – while getting a few laughs too. – Anne Epstein

Raised in a broken Want to write for fitness personal trainer Justinhome with an abusive alcoholic Marine father I could have chosen to be a victim, instead I chose to be the victor. Weightlifting became my escape fueled by my rage. I chose to feel the hurt instead of feeling the hate.The fitness industry is my calling, helping others is my passion and training and nutrition has become my ministry. – Justin Bowers

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Raphael Fitness is my life and passion. I started my conquest at the bottom of all fitness spectrums. Having these experiences has proven to be invaluable for me. I know what it’s like to struggle through a lifestyle change or even just a tough workout. Writing has allowed me to connect with people of all levels. The ability to impact these people’s lives positively and to instill knowledge in an entertaining manner is my stepping stone. – Raphael Konforti

Want to write for fitness personal trainer AdeleMost everything that can be said about fitness has been. For me, it is outstanding fitness writing that bridges the gap between receiving and applying this information. That delivers not in aspirational format – re-enforcing stories of what readers currently are not, and may never be – but in an inspirational manner. One that re-frames the stories through which we experience our past, re-writing the stories of what we believe possible for the future. – Adele Kirby

Want to write for fitness personal trainer JamesI am a certified Personal Trainer with an advanced background in sports and exercise nutrition. I recognize the value of people and I’m guided by a commitment to excellence and leadership. I continue to study the latest training, supplementation, and nutrition research. It’s my goal to participate in the creation of healthier lives within my community. – James Beltrame

Writing for fitness personal trainerWhy I Love Fitness – A Haiku the challenge. the work. i can overcome. i will. yes! i’m better now! That’s why I write about fitness. Overcoming challenges. Learning to work. Building confidence. Building willpower. Succeeding. Improving. – Eric Wong


Want to write for fitness personal trainer DennisBeing able to work remotely would allow me to travel more to hold training sessions about advanced calisthenics and inspire people to use what they have to be fit and healthy. If there is one thing I’m good at it’s motivating myself and others to be the best they can be. I want to be a fitness writer because fitness is what I love. And only what I love is what I’m really good at. – Dennis Ratano

How-to-Write-for-Fitness personal trainer

Want to write for fitness personal trainer CoreyIf your workout doesn’t fortify your structure then you’re doing it wrong. It infuriates me that there isn’t any suitable content on why training relaxation is just as valuable—if not more valuable than training tension. When people get too tense, neurological disorders arise. I want to write because I care. I want to save lives. Workouts do not equate to torture sessions with barbells. Don’t break your body: Build it. – Corey Padnos

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Sirena BernalI’ve always had an uncanny ability to get people to open up and I’ve found the same effect carries over to my writing online. Reading e-mails from readers who have found inspiration from my personal struggles inspires me to keep writing in the hopes that I can reach and help more people. This is why I write. I’m not afraid to bare my soul in the hopes that it helps someone else, find theirs. – Sirena Bernal

Want to write for fitness personal trainer RobertTen years ago, I started my training business with a pair of dumbbells in my trunk, traveling as far as 50 mile to train clients. That’s been a metaphor for how I’ve approached every day in the trenches impacting my client’s lives. Now that my wife is expecting our first child, the opportunity to spend more time home with my wife and baby, while writing to help people across the world, would be a fantasy. – Robert Baban

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Kim BeckerAs long as I can remember I have loved to write. As a personal trainer I am always asked for nutritional advice due to achieving a 100lb weight loss that I have maintained for 4 years. Writing and fitness are both my passions so the opportunity to combine them would bring about the best of both worlds for me. More time with my kids while still offering support to those who are works in progress. – Kim Becker

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Monika VolkmarMy body hates me. A lot. Through my writing, I share how everyday it hates me a little less. Maybe even, dare I say, LIKES me. As a dancer it was almost expected that I be in physical pain every day. I developed an eating disorder- My body and mind began to implode. Strength training properly changed my life as a dancer, and a “regular” person, and I feel a burning desire to share that.– Monika Volkmar

Want to write for fitness personal trainer RandyThis is why I write and will continue to. From Sam Horn, POP. “I’m here to serve, not to show off. I’m here to inform, not to impress. I’m here to do good, not to look good. I’m here to make a difference, not a name.” This is the legacy I want to leave for my kids. It’s my wish that one day they will realize, “That’s my daddy and he made a difference. – Randy Gruezo

Want to write for fitness personal trainer RomaAs an MMA fighter and parkour enthusiast I value nontraditional training outdoors. The creative possibilities are endless. Three years ago I built a gym in Costa Rica founded on primal style workouts. My dream has been to write a book about fitness that incorporates my travel experiences through Africa and Costa Rica. I want to write for fitness to motivate people to train and pursue a healthy lifestyle beyond the traditional gym experience. – Roma Pawelek

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Jon PWhen I realized that numbskull trainers with no mentoring skills were driving me bonkers, I knew it was time to pick up a pen and do my part. As an Active Duty Navy Chief, I have spent years developing others, and want to help to develop trainers as leaders, using the lessons I’ve learned. Passive income? A bonus, for sure, but my real motivation is to provide education and see others succeed. – Jonathan Pietrunti

Want to write for fitness personal trainer Dan I am a recent type 1 Diabetic, I am also a Personal Trainer. Combining them spawned my ” ah-ha” moment. It is not always well known to diabetics that we can live highly fit lives. Becoming published would afford me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the diabetic and fitness communities, thereby empowering both mind and muscle. Napoleon Hill tells us about a “secret”: being a fitness writer is mine. – Dan Parrish

Want to write for fitness personal trainer aaron‘I want to empower people. I want people to reach their potential. People need to live independently; have a say over what they eat, where they go and who they are. I want to empower people. I want to combat obesity with words and start a movement. This movement will come from a book. And this book will have my name on it. This book would be the beginning of a new chapter.’ – Aaron Pearson

Want to write for fitness personal trainer HaileyI am relentless, dedicated, strong, funny, honest & real. I’ve been training for over 10 years, have specialized in kickboxing and MMA training for athletes as well as connecting the importance of our healthy mind to our healthy body for everyday trainers to athletes undertaking their dreams. I want to write about this as well as being a woman in a male dominated,and minded world; linking training, strong influence, & passion. – Hailey J.

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