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The Personal Trainer High Five – Having the Right Fiver in Your Arsenal

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

Your high fives stink. They’re boring, haphazard, and misguided. We’ve got you covered though. Here’s some high fives to add to your arsenal.

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What if I were to tell you that your high fives stink. They’re boring, haphazard, and misguided — you should be embarrassed meeting your clients hand in a sign of mutual respect in such a fashion. High fives are an art form and I teamed up with Todd Bumgardner to make sure you’ve got the right fiver in your arsenal for any moment. Whether your client needs a pick me up or just nailed a PR we’ve got you covered:

The Basics

We’re starting at square one. Learn to connect:

The Entrance

How you should start every sales meeting:

The First Kiss

The squinty-eyed nervous celebration. Perfect for when your client tells you that they’re pregnant and you’re not quite sure to be excited for them or to say “I’m sorry”:

The Very Nice

Your most basic high five to be used after an average set when an awkward silence takes hold of the session:

The Epic

Must only be used on deadlift PR days:

The Jump to Conclusion

Accidentally used when you’ve trained 5 clients in a row.

The Top Gun

To be used after a heavy bench press session with your bros when you feel like that extra little bit of amping up  needs to happen. Probably avoid the shirtless high fivers with your clients.

The Earthquake

To be used when your clients grinds out an extra rep. Must be saved for that moment that they push through when their back’s up against the wall and you truly want to rock the World:

The Stand In

To be used unsuspectingly when the client of another trainer does something magical. Best used when the trainer ignores the magnificance of their own client:

The Presidential

To be used after you make a big sale with your manager the minute your new client turns their back:

The Shake and Bake

To be used immediately after you speak with your new client about their program but before you start exercising.

The Un-Confident

To be used when you feel as if your client is dictating the session and you want to seize back control:

The Floater

When you’re so slick it feels like you’re walking on water:

The Pup

To be used when you feel the need to train your client. An example could be poor adherence to nutrition or exercise protocols in between sessions. [Note] Make sure to have treats on you if you decide to perform this high five, they get upset when you don’t give them treats:

The Passer By

To be used when handing out flyers on the street to potential clients:

The Fail

If used immediately quit your job and find a new gym. There’s no coming back from these:

The Jon and Todd

Our celebration after finishing this post.

What’s your high five of choice? Comment below with a link to your video if you have one. If you want to ensure we keep the high fives rolling give thePTDC a “like” on our Facebook Page.

Big thanks to Todd Bumgardner for helping me put together this post. Here’s a little bit about him:

Become a personal trainer high five todd bumgardnerTodd is a co-owner of Beyond Strength Performance and a co-creator of the Supreme Strength system. He won the Greek Mythology Bee in 7th grade and never misses a high-five opportunity. He’s also earned his M.S. in Exercise Science and contributes to such publications as Testosterone Nation.




Photo credit: Cpt. Obvious

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