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Saweet deal!

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

Just a sa-weet little sale I came across with a bunch of extras added in.

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Hey guys, Jon here.

A big thank you to all of you that consistently send me messages saying how thePTDC has helped you become a more happy and profitable trainer. It’s been and will continue to be a pleasure.

I realize that thePTDC cannot cover everything a personal trainer needs to know. I made the choice to stick to the “soft side” of training. The decision was based on two factors:

1. I felt that there was a knowledge gap that would take a coordinate collaborative effort to fill

2. There were already crazy-smart people providing materials for exercise prescription and dealing with injuries

The Problem

I do however want thePTDC to give you everything you need to be the best and earn what you deserve. There’s no reason why personal trainers struggle as much as they do working 12hours days but only getting paid for 3 clients.

My job is to scour the internet and find the best resources for the materials we don’t cover. I get stuff (ebooks, webinars, texts etc.) sent to me weekly and turn down most opportunities to promote. I only want thePTDC readers to have the best.

If you don’t know how to deal with muscle imbalances you’re missing out on a massive income stream.

Personally, my business was built off of fixing chronic low back pain. I helped one client who referred another, and another, and another. Pretty soon the $1,200 investment from travelling to the seminar and buying the text turned into $15,000+ in sales!

Become a personal trainer

A reenactment

While I don’t condone fixing client’s problems if they have structural damage (refer out!) I do think it’s imperative that trainers have an understanding of imbalances. I don’t care how good you are; your clients will have aches and pains. You need to quickly assess and either move on with your workout or know to take a step back and deal with the issue.

Knowing enough to speak about aches and pains will also make or break a sales meeting.

The Solution

A while back Rick Kaselj sent me the original Muscle Imbalances Revealed Lower Body (MIRL). I was immediately pissed off!

I’d spent $1,200 getting less practical info at a seminar only 2 years earlier and lost out on 3 days of pay. Applying what I learned at the seminar took months of accessory study in addition to having to purchase more materials.

Rick Kaselj, Dean Somerset, Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, Eric Beard, and Kevin Yates knocked it out of the park with this product. They’ve done the hard work for you and compiled an un-beatable resource that you’ll refer back to time and time again.

Big News! MIRL is now MIRL3 and is on a massive sale for a short period of time. Most fitness products die off in the first week. Only the best survive a month. I’ve never seen one that’s high enough quality to make it into it’s third installment.

I’m not going to get into the details of the product. Rick tells you all you need to know here. They’ve also added a bunch of cool bonuses this time around which are worth the price of the product alone.

I’ll sign off and let you check out the product for yourself and make the decision whether or not you want to make the investment.

Become a personal trainer

’till next time,

-Coach Jon Goodman

p.s. ThePTDC survives solely on the commissions garnered through sales of promoted products. If you do choose to buy MIRUL3 please do so using the links we provide. If you don’t decide to buy the product, no worries. Keep enjoying the content, we’re happy to help.

p.p.s. There’s a 60 day money-back guarentee with no questions asked so you really have nothing to lose.

p.p.p.s I’m still upset this wasn’t available when I spent $1,200 + 3 days off of work to learn less practical information than what’s in this set.

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Jonathan Goodman is the creator and head coach of the PTDC and has a distaste for third person bios ... Hey, I'm Jon and I'd have to say that this site is pretty awesome. Thanks for being here. If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). My team and I have also created the first Academy and certification for online trainers. Click here to check out the Online Trainer Academy.