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Facebook Marketing for Fitness Pros

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

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I hate that a lot of trainers who deeply care about their clients are struggling financially. They want desperately to help others and have the knowledge to do so. Yet they’re not getting the committed clients in front of them and aren’t making ends meet.

Something’s missing and it bothered me so for the last 4 months I’ve asked 500+ trainers what the #1 frustration is that they have with the business.

The results were overwhelming!!! Trainers don’t know how to market or sell themselves. Many repeated the same phrase:

“If only I had the chance the show a client my value and what I can offer them they’d sign on. I just can’t seem to get people in front of me and when they do they don’t commit to my program.”

I too struggled with personal trainer marketing and sales until I found the secret.

My first full time personal training job definitely didn’t start with a bang. I had a Kinesiology degree and 3 years experience working in a University gym. Exercise was my passion. The soviets would have been proud by my periodization methods and I could spit the latest research on muscle physiology for hours.

Problem was that nobody cared. My clients didn’t stick around long enough to see my value. It became apparent to me that clients don’t know the difference between great and not so great workout programs until they’ve finished. This takes time, trust, and a considerable financial risk on the client’s part.

You could also be facing a situation where the potential client has had a bad experience with personal training before. They were promised the world by somebody who didn’t deliver. Who’s to say you’re different?

I did it all

I made cold calls to lists of expired clients, I went to lululemon (a clothing store) and gave free stretching workshops, I walked around the neighbourhood handing out flyers, I performed endless free sessions, I bought every manual on selling and marketing  personal trainer services I could find, and I took on clients from deal of the day websites like Groupon. None of it worked!

Maybe I’m a bad salesman but I’m guessing you are too. Our job isn’t to sell; it’s to provide clients with a service to get them in the best shape of their lives.

None of this worked because it didn’t solve the fundamental problem. NOBODY KNEW OF MY VALUE.

Show your worth

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have an awkward sales meeting again? Imagine a sales meeting starting with, “I’ve heard great things about you, how do I start?” as opposed to, “so I got this coupon and figured I’d give it a shot”.

It takes months for clients to see any real changes (although they’ll feel it quicker). You usually have 1-3 sessions to prove yourself to a client. This means you have three options:

Option 1: Promise the World

Have you fallen into the trap of promising to the client that they’ll lose weight, gain muscle, get laid, and drive a flying motorcycle all in 3 months?

What you’re saying has already been said before. The client can pick up any fitness magazine and be promised the same results. Often they’ve failed in a workout program before. This might even have been led by a different trainer with sub par abilities or poor intentions that had promised them everything you had minus the flying motorcycle.

You’re different and better but why should they trust you? How do they know?

Option 2: Hope to get lucky

Sometimes clients come in ready to go. They’ve committed to make a change and your poor sales tactics won’t hurt you. They’ll sign up irrelevant of what you say.

Congratulations you have a new client. You got lucky. I wouldn’t bet on it happening again. Don’t let it go to your head.

***Option 3: Prove your value before they walk in the door***

Here are my two steps for success. These have been posted up on my wall for 5 years now:

Step 1: Do a great job.

Step 2: Make sure everybody knows about it.

Notice that sales aren’t included. I’ve never been good at sales and won’t ever be. I don’t even study it anymore. Clients come into the gym ready to train already knowing the quality of my services.

You’re good and you’re passionate but if you’ve found your way to thePTDC my guess is that something’s missing. Either you want to service your clients better or you’re having trouble succeeding in the industry.

It bothers that all a trainer needs to succeed is 20-30 dedicated clients yet there are so many that fail. The answer doesn’t lie in sales; it lies in showing your value before the sales meeting takes place.

I want to make it easier for you so I put together this Ebook. It’s 100% free. I decided to focus on Facebook because it’s the only tool you need and your leads are already there.

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This Ebook is designed to teach you how to use Facebook. Facebook is the only tool you need to fill up your clientele and it’s 100% free to use. Best of all you already have enough leads to keep your schedule full for years; you just need to know how to use them.

I understand that Facebook can be a big waste of time but if used wisely you only have to spend minutes a day. This book won’t tell you what the “like” button does or how to design your Facebook page because none of that matters. What matters is that you become the expert within your network.

This free Ebook will teach you how to:

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It’s easy and takes less time than you think – I’ll show you how…

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