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Tip #5: The Next Best Thing

by Jonathan Goodman | Follow on Twitter

Get caught up in the next best workout craze and both you and your clients results will suffer.

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Remember when Facebook status updates were really about what you were doing at that point in time? They forced the word “is” after your name.

How about Facebook groups? Remember them? Lots of companies do. Piles of money was spent by companies building up their group members before Facebook decided to change to the professional page format in October of 2010. Group members weren’t transferred to the new pages and millions of customer leads were lost by companies around the world.

Pages gave companies the opportunities to design Apps. This started a new industry of Facebook App design and the race to get the best landing page was on. Lo and behold Facebook decided to change its page format to a timeline on March 30 2012. While apps are still present they became pushed to the side and their effectiveness went way down.

Inevitably with every change there’s been a scurry to learn how to adapt. I’m here to tell you it matters less than you think.

The Next Best Thing

Why are we always looking for the next best thing? The next best weight loss diet, the next best suspension training exercise, the next best supplement.

There is no next best. Sometimes the new innovation is better, sometimes worse. The reality is that you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice by trying to keep up. Your clients deserve the best and not to be used as test subjects.

There are lots of different ways to help your clients get results and most of them work. There are two absolutes that are sure to hinder your clients progress:

1. Teaching a protocol or piece of equipment poorly.

2. Program hopping.

Discover your personal training theory. Why and how do you feel comfortable training? Don’t ever lose sight of what you’re helping your clients accomplish no matter what “next best thing” pops up.

Do this and I promise you’ll never worry about not adapting again. Your clients will soar — and so will you.

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Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the creator and head coach of the PTDC and has a distaste for third person bios ... Hey, I'm Jon and I'd have to say that this site is pretty awesome. Thanks for being here. If you're interested in my brand new book, it's called Ignite the Fire (revised, updated, and expanded). My team and I have also created the first Academy and certification for online trainers. Click here to check out the Online Trainer Academy.